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COLOURFUL BOWL    Paper Mache 3D     THU-11-JAN-AM

COLOURFUL BOWL - Paper Mache 3D construction

A hands-on creative activity. Children will craft a vibrant paper mache bowl, using colourful strips of paper. This messy, yet fun class is only recommended for those who enjoy rolling up their sleaves and getting their hands sticky.


TEACHER: Rachel Fairfax - WWC0913958E


This class is for primary school enrolled students. NO PRESCHOOLERS

All art materials are supplied.

Please send children in clothing appropriate for an art lesson.

Please send children with a packed  food & drink. 

Nut free please.



GST Included
  • Enrolment in a course indicates you have read and accept all START ART SCHOOL, Terms & Conditions.

    Holiday class booings are to be made online unless you are using a  Creative Kids Voucher, you then need to contact us on 0421 711 178 to process the voucher and assist with the booking.

    Enrolment is only secure when START art school has received payment.


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