SATURDAY - art club   

Age 5 - 8 & Age 8 - 12


"Why fit in when you were born

to stand out" - Dr. Seuss

Class description

Over an 8 week term children will be encouraged to express their own creative ideas through a series of structured projects. These art classes aim to be fun and process driven rather that outcome driven. Each term introduces a new range of exciting art activities.


Liia Reinvali  - WWC1815597E

Vivienne du Toit - WWC1055408E

Class time

Saturday 10am - 11.30pm - ages 5-8 years.

Saturday 12pm - 1.30pm - ages 8-12 years.

Saturday 2pm - 3.30pm - ages 8-12 years.

Saturday 4pm - 5.30pm - ages 5-8 years.

Only primary school enrolled children are eligible for these classes.

Maximum 10 children per art class.


Term price

$352 (including GST) for an 8 week term

Price is inclusive of all materials​.

Creative Kids Provider

START art school is registered to accept Creative Kids Vouchers,

contact Vivienne on 0421 711 178 to process vouchers.


Booking and  payment

Online PAYMENT is available on this website.

Alternatively we welcome phone bookings.


Art classes will commence with a minimum of 6 students